The Ecosystem of Innovative Startups

The Innovative Startup Ecosystem is formed by several startups that passed through the FAPESP PIPE Program and were trained in the i-Corps methodology in the PIPE Empreendedor Program. All of them have already undergone scientific evaluation by Fapesp consultants and were exposed to market realities, within the PIPE Empreendedor course. The Ecosystem grows with the continuous demand for new startups. Currently, the Ecosystem is composed of the following startups:


@Tech Inovações Tecnológicas para a Agropecuária

BeefTrader market intelligence intelligence platform for maximizing profit for producers and the refrigeration industry.


Cordeiro Biz

Customized operating system in sheep farming: characterization of herds and systematization of data as complementary tools to technical consultancy.


Eccaplan Consultoria em Desenvolvimento Sustentável

Analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of an automated system of accelerated composting, energy efficient and low cost.


Symbiotec Aquicultura e Sistemas Integrados de Produção

Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture: production of tilapia, vegetables and aquatic macrophytes in a water recirculation system.



Development of the product “seaweed in paste” (Nannochloropsis oculata) for feeding and enrichment in the larval stage in fish farming.


Engine Logística

IARA – water pollution monitoring.


Farm Solutions Monitoramento

Development of an agricultural tractor monitoring system, composed of an electronic controller and a web system, which sends messages to cell phones of tractor managers and tractor drivers when irregularities and excessive downtime are identified.


Dana Agro Science

Product development with bioactive that promotes the control of voluntary corn and glyphosate resistant weeds.


Danielle Fernandes da Silva

Preparation of new Mg (II) complexes with flavonoids and other phenolics: potential pesticides.


Acros Palm Tree Sustainability

Development of new technology for the production of seedlings, oils, flours and other biomasses of the macaúba palm.


Geplant Tecnologia Florestal

Platform for forest productivity management: integrates data and analytical intelligence to monitor production, deliver a transparent view focused on improvement actions and minimize future risks in forest investments.


YLive ( Natanael Pinheiro Leitão Junior ME)

Increased productivity of dairy cattle in Brazil: development and evaluation of a new probiotic for dairy cattle in tropical conditions from the study of ruminal microbiota.


MicroControl Innovation

Development of a natural antifungal, obtained from an essential oil to increase the conservation of food “in natura”.


SelenoLife Pesquisa em Selênio

Design and synthesis of organic selenium compounds for the production of biofortified foods.


Agttec Beneficiamento de Café e Óleos Essenciais

Production of vegetable oils, essences and natural extracts for feed (fish, poultry and swine) and pesticides.


Stresscan Agrobusiness Intelligence

Physiological and interactive plant monitoring.


Ecological Food (Patricia Milano ME)

Insects for animal and human nutrition: adaptations and research for future mass farming in Brazil.


Fine Instrument Technology

Development of portable nuclear magnetic resonance equipment for non-destructive determination of beef tenderness.


Biocontrol Sistema de Controle Biológico

Automation of the mass inoculation process of the parasite Cotesia flavipes.


Altamar Comércio e Serviços de Equipamentos Aquáticos

Rotary drum filter for removing suspended solids in aquaculture production systems.


Genobiomas Biotecnologia

Use and management of microbiome in swine to increase energy conversion efficiency and meat production.


Inprenha Biotecnologia e Desenvolvimento Avançado

Innovations aimed at increasing productivity and reducing costs in livestock, with differentiated products and solutions for the breeding and genetics market.


Biolambda Científica e Comercial

Development of intelligent equipment for clinical application of phototherapies with automatic dosimetric adjustment and payment on demand.


Burity Analytics

Development of a collaborative horticultural production planning system.



Internet-based system that will allow farmers to design the main risk models for their properties.


Centro Técnico de Avaliação Genética

Development of tools for genomic counseling, aiming to increase the productivity of beef cattle herds.


Anáhata Serviços Agronômicos

Coleta de informações de inversão térmica com drones, para aplicação no controle do gorgulho do algodão (Anthonomus Grandis).